Canelo and Da Zone

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DAZN means “Da Zone”. I didn’t know that until I heard someone pronounce it on a DAZN broadcast. I thought it was “Day-Zuhn” until then. So the logo and name are kinda confusing but the rest– the production, the camera work, the announcers, the website– is top notch. DAZN is stepping in right where HBO is stepping out in terms of quality boxing broadcasting. But most of the fights on DAZN have not been HBO quality, although HBO’s quality has waned in the past year as they wind down.

What does all this mean for CG3? Canelo signed a 11-fight 365 million dollar deal with the new UK-based boxing streaming service. My guess is DAZN will sign Golovkin because Triple G will want CG3 to happen and won’t risk signing with ESPN or Showtime. He’ll probably even take a lesser offer just to get another shot at the Cinnamon One.

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