I started developing this comic about five years ago. It came about while I was in a Book Arts Class in college and started making mini comics with hand sewn bindings. The Grocery Store comic is one of those first minis. After making a few mini comics I began to draw the comics in more of a traditional boxy comic format with sharpies and micron pens, the first two volumes of Grace McSorely are what resulted from that. I then self-published them as mini-comics on a home printer.

Then or sometime in between the first two comic volumes, I printed a Grace McSorely comic on a Vandercook Letterpress. The book was completely hand set in type using at least four type faces and incorporating a new one every time I ran out of type. All of the illustrations were linoleum cut prints. I thought that book was going to kill me before I finished it and I printed an edition of 50 under the name kiteflying press. Unfortunately most of them are in a box in my parents garage and remain unsewn.

Now I'm working on finishing up a graphic novel with the new comics on this site. These comics are done in ink using a nib dip pen. I hope to be done with this soon and finally have the end in site.



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